Discord Server Rules (READ THIS SECOND)

☸️🐼🎮 Salutations and welcome! 🎮🐼☸️

Here are the rules and policies for participation on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/7nGFUgt). These rules and policies are in place to help cultivate a positive, safe, and friendly environment. Please abide by them with care, courtesy, and diligence.

  1. Intolerance is not tolerated. Statements of prejudice and bigotry (racist, xenophobic, homophobic, etc.) are to be avoided always. This is a zero tolerance policy.
  2. No politics. In the spirit of building community, let’s refrain from political discussions.
  3. Be mindful and respectful. Please don’t cut each other down, call others names, or be disrespectful of how one identifies themselves.
  4. Regarding advertising, we provide the #promote channel for that purpose. Advertise in #promote only! Avoid spamming.
  5. Regarding mature content, including excessive swearing, adult humor, and mildly sexual content, we provide the #shadytree channel for the purpose. Such adult oriented discussions are to be conducted in #shadytree only! The rest of the server is family friendly.
  6. No nudity or pornography. Anywhere. Zero tolerance on this.
  7. Parents are responsible for monitoring, moderating, and censoring their children. The admins and moderators here are not babysitters, so please don’t treat them as such.
  8. Admins and moderators have the final word. If you are asked by any of them not to do something, please cease.

Warnings, mutes, and banishments await those who misbehave. Thank you and, again, welcome. 🙏 Have fun!