Information on Meditation & Dharma Discussion: Show Format

☸️🐼🎮 Salutations and welcome! 🎮🐼☸️ 

Here is the information on what to expect when attending a Meditation & Dharma Discussion broadcast.  This will go over the show's format; the order of events during the stream.

NOTE: While these streams present Buddhist teachings, ALL ARE WELCOME.  I ask that you be compassionate, civil, and respectful of others beliefs. 


Show Format

This is how the Meditation & Dharma Discussion program flows:

  1. Salutation and introduction.
  2. The bell is rung thrice for meditation to begin.
  3. Meditation is done in silence for 30 minutes.  During this time, chat activity should be limited to nothing.  For information on how to meditate (based on the Soto Zen tradition), go to Information on Meditation & Dharma Discussion: How to Meditate.
  4. The bell is rung once more for meditation to finish.
  5. Dharma based discussion begins with me presenting the topic followed by an initial basis and ideas of the discussion.  This will include teachings from the Buddha and/or other teachings from prominent viable teachers and teachers of lineage.
  6. The forum opens.  It’s encouraged that attendees participate in chat to discuss the topic with compassion, respect, and civility.
  7. The show ends with thanks.

Along with what’s stated above, the same rules for the Twitch channel apply on less otherwise stated by the admins or moderators, and any changes are on a per stream basis.  Thank you.  Come and sit with us!  🙏

Any meditations and discussions held during these streams are not intended to as a replacement for medical advice and medication nor are they designed to be alternatives to such professional care.  If you suffer from health problems be they physical or mental, please consult your doctor.