Interview with The Swirl World

As a matter of personal trivia, not only am I a singer, a songwriter, a recording artist, and a magician, but it’s been of notice to some friends, family, and fans that I mainly date interracially; the majority of my dating and relationships have been with black women.  So, the team at The Swirl World podcast asked me to interview with them on that point as well as my art and career as an entertainer.

My interview ishere(“The Swirl World – Podcast Episode 015: A White Man Who Loves Black Women – Singer, Songwriter & Composer Link Valiant”  This was my first interview by audio media!  Have a listen if you’re interested in knowing more about me, my art, my dating preference, and laugh as my nerves have me fumble with my words, have a listen!

You can also hear it onSoundCloud( and iTunes (