From his early years to the start of his career in 2006, Link Valiant has written numerous songs for performing, recording, video games, internet content, and more!  You’ll find samples of his musical work below.  You’ll find he’s an accomplished singer, songwriter, and performer!


  1. High Score Link Valiant 3:47
  2. If It's Meant To Be Link Valiant 3:26
  3. Looking Around Link Valiant 3:52
  4. Love You Again Link Valiant 0:30
  5. Dream of Silicon Valley Link Valiant 0:30

Video Game BGM

  1. Gleeville Link Valiant 3:33
  2. Desert Ocean Link Valiant 5:11
  3. The Alleyways Link Valiant 5:02
  4. To Run From a Predator Link Valiant 2:27
  5. And Memories Surface Link Valiant 1:22

Internet Content

  1. Heart Sutra (Lo-Fi) Link Valiant 3:38


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